Watch our film and you will discover in little over two minutes what the UWI team has taken the last five years to develop; how to reduce, even eliminate, waste, risk and downtime in workplaces that incorporate products with critical lifespans in their processes, these could be reagents, glues, sealants or composites, and they apply particularly in the life science, engineering and aerospace industries. Previously there was simply nothing that existed to accurately identify the critical-usepoint of materials that begin to degrade from the point of opening.

Our work to date has won many awards because it’s acknowledged that the UWI Label (call it “yoo-wee”, we do) can make significant reductions in waste, re-working and management stress.

We’re currently trialling the UWI Label in partnership with a world-class European manufacturer and several blue chip clients before going live later this year and expanding our potential into the multi-billion dollar food sector.

We’re looking for more partners, investors and clients to join us on this exciting and innovative journey. So if you want to see what yoo-wee can do for your business, contact us here.